KMWorld Knowledge Management Awrad logoWe’re off and running with our first award for 2010!  The KMWorld editorial staff recently named Jive Software to the "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management" for 2010.


For three years running, Jive has been placed on this influential list. It's an immense honor to be included among leading knowledge management companies who are pushing the envelope about enhancing knowledge workers' ability to discover expertise and innovate.


Our approach is definitely cutting-edge and not your "mother’s" knowledge management system.  In the past few years, an entirely new stream of knowledge and information has been unleashed via the social media phenomenon. Jive is at the mouth of this river, catching and bringing forward exactly what enterprises need to be successful.


Jive understands, knowledge capture and its management has to be more like an ecosystem and less like a machine.  It must also be stored in a common, discoverable location that makes it easy to share and collaborate about with others. Most importantly, the knowledge must be shared in context to be appreciated.  That's where a platform like Jive comes in, as it captures knowledge sharing when it happens, not after the fact. For a deeper look at this, check out Gia Lyons' presentation given at KMWorld 2009:


Whether it’s conversations with customers or internal dialogues, the paradigm for capturing knowledge flows and accelerating its dispersion has changed.  The collecting, sharing and collaborating must happen in a way that is organic and intuitive. It has to augment and unlock existing knowledge silos.  With social media monitoring solutions like Jive Market Engagement, organizations can control and benefit from the the free-flowing fire hose of knowledge sharing within social media. And with Jive Connects for Microsoft SharePoint, they can unify and liberate the knowledge typically locked deep in content management systems.  Some customers using Jive for KM include Bupa, Kaiser Permanente, Nike, Swiss Re, CSC, United Business Media, Manheim, Sprint, NetApp, SAP, Luftsansa, T-Mobile, and Yum! Brands.


As the knowledge landscape continues to evolve, we are thrilled that KMWorld recognized us once again as a vital leader.