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As was reported today by the Wall Street Journal's Emily Steel, Nestlé is the latest big brand to be publicly flogged on the social web. It's another example of responding poorly to what the article calls a "digital savvy protest." In determining their response, Nestlé unfortunately tore a page from the "What Not To Do" handbook:


  • Step 1: Ask YouTube to pull all traces of offending video.
  • Step 2: Tell your Facebook fans you'll delete their comments unless they delete mocking imagery and/or comments from their pages.
  • Step 3: Abandon ship - and your Facebook page - altogether.


In the case of Nestlé - check, check, and almost check.


While the jury is still out on whether they'll abandon ship, it's looking unlikely that Nestlé can retake the reigns without a more authentic and well-coordinated response on their part.


Nestlé’s beating appears to be in part the result of not enough people inside Nestlé having real-time visibility of the mushrooming social conversation about one of the company's business practices. Here's the thing about social media that many organizations continue to learn the hard way - it needs to be everyone's business, from the receptionist to the CEO. Unfortunately social media is often treated separately from the rest of the company - an "experiment" managed by two or three people. However, looking at Facebook's 400 million users and Twitter's 75 million users, that's asking a lot from a few!


But with pain often comes reward. Nestlé has an opportunity to reinvent its approach, to throw out the old playbook and start over. (For the record, I agree with Altimeter Group's Jeremiah Owyang’s comment to the Wall Street Journal that Nestlé continue with their Facebook fan page) And in doing so, other companies can learn and prepare for the moments of pain - and the moments of opportunity – that social media offers by taking the following steps:


  • Step One: Set up a virtual war room and processes that support real-time social media visibility and collaboration by a broad group of people with the organization.
  • Step Two: Authentically engage in the conversation in a way that best represents your brand while respecting the issues raised by your customers and stakeholders.
  • Step Three: Create multiple venues for people to learn more from you and stay connected.
  • Step Four: Respond to feedback quickly and honestly, with links driving the conversation back to the venues you've created.
  • Step Five: Once you've ridden out the storm, and given people the ability to express their concerns, turn the conversation around. Begin asking for more ideas, more ways to improve - and report back with some of the best ideas and your progress in making those ideas come to life.


This is the power of social media. And it's also the power of Jive. For a look into how you can more easily monitor and engage in the "big conversation" occurring about your brand, check out Jive Market Engagement Solution.

The tour bus is packed, amps have been checked, and yes my friends, we are ready to rock!


Jive's Get Social Tour begins April 21st in Los Angeles, and continues on a ten-city road trip through June 18th:




For those of you wondering why we felt the need to take the Social Business Software show on the road, the answer is simple. In nearly every conversation we have with prospects and customers, there is a palpable sense of confusion and anxiety around where to begin, who's offering what in the market, and how best to convince everyone else in the company that Social is where things are headed.


We truly believe that social is the biggest thing to happen to the enterprise since the dawn of email, but hearing Jive strategic consultants and product gurus alone talk about it only goes so far. To that end, we’ll also have some of our most interesting customers teaching audiences in half-day seminars how they tapped the power of social networking, customer communities, social media monitoring, and why it’s made such a material difference in their company’s performance.


These sessions will not be a series of one way monologues. Come prepared to interact, ask questions, and connect with others who find themselves facing the same kinds of challenges you face. Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops that best suit your situation, and be prepared to come away with an entirely new understanding of what’s possible, and how to move social business forward inside your business.


Take a morning to get grounded in social business. You can't afford not to.


Click here to get more details or register today. See you on the Tour!

A year ago today, Jive laid out some pretty big plans for leading the Social  Business Software space:


“Social  Business Software is the first new application category to appear in over a decade that delivers a real breakthrough in cost, productivity, and competitive  advantage. Jive is the first SBS company with a complete strategy for meeting the needs of Global 2000 companies and governments.”


We were confident in our vision for Jive and the market we were defining—but how did it play out? Our strategy had three key elements:


We couldn’t have asked for better. A year ago, a lot of CXO’s were still skeptical about Social Business Software. They thought “social” meant employees weren't really working! Now they’ve seen the results. They understand the value that Jive SBS delivers: collaborating more effectively with employees, customers, and partners; accelerating sales cycle times and service delivery times; and increasing engagement with customer communities and the social Web.


Jive won them over because we’re solving big business problems, and our business has grown accordingly:

  • We doubled in size in 2008, then grew another 85% in 2009.
  • Major brands committed to and added to their Jive solutions including Booz Allen Hamilton, Bupa, EMC, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Kaiser Permanente, Life Technologies, Manheim, Musician's Friend, Qualcomm, SAP, Scheels Sports, Sling Media, Sprint, StrongMail, Swiss Re, and United Business Media Limited.
  • We made our first strategic acquisition—Filtrbox—in January.
  • We expanded our Portland HQ, and added offices in the SF Bay Area, Boulder CO, Germany, and the UK.
  • We’ve added numerous systems integrators and interactive marketing partners to the Jive SBS ecosystem—exactly as we’d planned.


The market clearly thinks we’re onto something too. Last year, the competition we were leading consisted of a handful of pure play vendors. Now, big guns like Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and want a piece of  the SBS action—and more are coming. They know we’ve been right all along: that  this is the next great enterprise software category.


Jive has come a long way in the past year but we’re far from done. Here’s what we have in store the next 12 months:


  • We’re going to be aggressive. We will maintain our  leadership position and establish Jive as the premium brand for Social Business Software.
  • Innovation is everything. We will expand our product through our own organic development efforts and through strategic acquisitions.
  • Extend our reach. We will be working with more enterprises  through direct and indirect channels.
  • Deliver customer success on a grand scale. Enterprises are using SBS to solve big business challenges, and Jive has the experience, and talent to deliver value.


And if you thought last year was fun to watch Jive, stay tuned!

During this roller-coaster economy, it’s crucial for financial services companies to provide innovative and cost-effective services to their clients. While some may think of financial services as being more traditional, Fiserv is turning this assumption on its head as they tap into Jive Social Business Software for communication, collaboration, and most importantly innovation.  Using Jive SBS, Fiserv introduced the Boardroom Series, a great, industry-first example of how bank and credit union executives can harness social technology to their advantage. Read more about it in Fiserv's announcement on the Boardroom Series and use of Jive SBS.


This new customer community is a key differentiator for Fiserv since there isn’t anything else like it within the industry today, and most importantly, it’s providing a huge value-add to their clients.  The numbers are telling of the momentum it has gained in just the past six months.  Fiserv launched the Boardroom Series in the summer of 2009 and so far has enrolled more than 2,300 executives, representing more than 1,000 banks and 600 credit unions, about ten percent of its client base.


Fiserv chose Jive because of our powerful scalability, customization, and flexibility options, as well as Jive’s thought leadership within the industry.  Since the launch last summer, we have witnessed great success stories from Fiserv and its customers as a result of the Boardroom Series.  Jive is thrilled to provide the technology backbone to help propel this success, and it is another great opportunity for us to continue to expand Jive’s versatility.


If you’re wondering if a bet on social software depends on smoother market conditions, consider Fiserv’s success. The reality is that SBS is a critical solution, no matter what the "stop and go" economy has served up.

"I believe in being an innovator."

  - Walt Disney


I've often quoted Walt Disney in presentations because his vision and passion for innovation resulted in entertainment experiences the world had never seen. And over half a century later the company he founded continues to deliver those experiences today.


Years ago I attended a seminar at Walt Disney World, and the cast member presenting asked the audience "how many of you are creative and have big ideas." We all froze, and no one raised their hand – perhaps we were all a bit intimidated by our surroundings.


I'm smiling looking back at the moment because the reality is we all have a big idea or two. Ideas can pop into our heads at practically any time. The bigger obstacle most organizations face is how help their teams "run an idea up the flagpole" so it has visibility to the right people at the right time. Employees of companies using Jive SBS have been easily sharing ideas for years because our solution has such powerful collaboration capabilities.


The other obstacle organizations face is how to capture ideas and feedback from the people who "write the check:" their customers. Every day customers share their opinions about products and services online, sometimes with the growing-in-popularity #fail on Twitter. They expect companies to listen, and they expect visibility into what actually happened with their feedback. In many cases, however, customers find themselves screaming into an echo chamber. Annoyed customers and missed opportunities don’t lead to big ideas and breakthrough experiences.


Today, we launched Jive Ideation to bridge between the natural innovation capabilities of Jive SBS with the ideas swimming around in conceivably your best untapped resource – the people who use your products every day. Jive Ideation helps you tap the power of crowd-sourcing and social networks to identify and nurture the best ideas for bigger outcomes.




Isobar interactive agency Molecular Inc. has been at the forefront of the ideation effort for years, helping its clients use crowd-sourcing to drive innovation efforts. We previewed Jive Ideation with Brett Borgeson, Engagement Director at Molecular who had this to say:

"These days, big brands are looking for ways to connect more directly with their customers, making the brand experience as intimate as possible.  For brands reaching a mass audience, this is no small feat. Jive’s Ideation offering gives brands an efficient and powerful way to provide this kind of interaction with customers, allowing them an easy way to influence a company’s direction, or future product offering."

Innovation is a process, not an end game. Capturing your customers' (and employees') ideas will help send your current process into exciting new directions. To quote Disney again:

"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."


Jive Ideation is an awesome example of customer feedback expanding our imagination for extending Jive Social Business Software. To learn more on our latest big idea, check out our webcast, Jive Ideation: Make Your Enterprise a Powerhouse of Innovation, hosted by Adam Mertz, Jive Product Marketing Manager.

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