During this roller-coaster economy, it’s crucial for financial services companies to provide innovative and cost-effective services to their clients. While some may think of financial services as being more traditional, Fiserv is turning this assumption on its head as they tap into Jive Social Business Software for communication, collaboration, and most importantly innovation.  Using Jive SBS, Fiserv introduced the Boardroom Series, a great, industry-first example of how bank and credit union executives can harness social technology to their advantage. Read more about it in Fiserv's announcement on the Boardroom Series and use of Jive SBS.


This new customer community is a key differentiator for Fiserv since there isn’t anything else like it within the industry today, and most importantly, it’s providing a huge value-add to their clients.  The numbers are telling of the momentum it has gained in just the past six months.  Fiserv launched the Boardroom Series in the summer of 2009 and so far has enrolled more than 2,300 executives, representing more than 1,000 banks and 600 credit unions, about ten percent of its client base.


Fiserv chose Jive because of our powerful scalability, customization, and flexibility options, as well as Jive’s thought leadership within the industry.  Since the launch last summer, we have witnessed great success stories from Fiserv and its customers as a result of the Boardroom Series.  Jive is thrilled to provide the technology backbone to help propel this success, and it is another great opportunity for us to continue to expand Jive’s versatility.


If you’re wondering if a bet on social software depends on smoother market conditions, consider Fiserv’s success. The reality is that SBS is a critical solution, no matter what the "stop and go" economy has served up.