A year ago today, Jive laid out some pretty big plans for leading the Social  Business Software space:


“Social  Business Software is the first new application category to appear in over a decade that delivers a real breakthrough in cost, productivity, and competitive  advantage. Jive is the first SBS company with a complete strategy for meeting the needs of Global 2000 companies and governments.”


We were confident in our vision for Jive and the market we were defining—but how did it play out? Our strategy had three key elements:


We couldn’t have asked for better. A year ago, a lot of CXO’s were still skeptical about Social Business Software. They thought “social” meant employees weren't really working! Now they’ve seen the results. They understand the value that Jive SBS delivers: collaborating more effectively with employees, customers, and partners; accelerating sales cycle times and service delivery times; and increasing engagement with customer communities and the social Web.


Jive won them over because we’re solving big business problems, and our business has grown accordingly:

  • We doubled in size in 2008, then grew another 85% in 2009.
  • Major brands committed to and added to their Jive solutions including Booz Allen Hamilton, Bupa, EMC, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Kaiser Permanente, Life Technologies, Manheim, Musician's Friend, Qualcomm, SAP, Scheels Sports, Sling Media, Sprint, StrongMail, Swiss Re, and United Business Media Limited.
  • We made our first strategic acquisition—Filtrbox—in January.
  • We expanded our Portland HQ, and added offices in the SF Bay Area, Boulder CO, Germany, and the UK.
  • We’ve added numerous systems integrators and interactive marketing partners to the Jive SBS ecosystem—exactly as we’d planned.


The market clearly thinks we’re onto something too. Last year, the competition we were leading consisted of a handful of pure play vendors. Now, big guns like Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Salesforce.com want a piece of  the SBS action—and more are coming. They know we’ve been right all along: that  this is the next great enterprise software category.


Jive has come a long way in the past year but we’re far from done. Here’s what we have in store the next 12 months:


  • We’re going to be aggressive. We will maintain our  leadership position and establish Jive as the premium brand for Social Business Software.
  • Innovation is everything. We will expand our product through our own organic development efforts and through strategic acquisitions.
  • Extend our reach. We will be working with more enterprises  through direct and indirect channels.
  • Deliver customer success on a grand scale. Enterprises are using SBS to solve big business challenges, and Jive has the experience, and talent to deliver value.


And if you thought last year was fun to watch Jive, stay tuned!