The tour bus is packed, amps have been checked, and yes my friends, we are ready to rock!


Jive's Get Social Tour begins April 21st in Los Angeles, and continues on a ten-city road trip through June 18th:




For those of you wondering why we felt the need to take the Social Business Software show on the road, the answer is simple. In nearly every conversation we have with prospects and customers, there is a palpable sense of confusion and anxiety around where to begin, who's offering what in the market, and how best to convince everyone else in the company that Social is where things are headed.


We truly believe that social is the biggest thing to happen to the enterprise since the dawn of email, but hearing Jive strategic consultants and product gurus alone talk about it only goes so far. To that end, we’ll also have some of our most interesting customers teaching audiences in half-day seminars how they tapped the power of social networking, customer communities, social media monitoring, and why it’s made such a material difference in their company’s performance.


These sessions will not be a series of one way monologues. Come prepared to interact, ask questions, and connect with others who find themselves facing the same kinds of challenges you face. Choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops that best suit your situation, and be prepared to come away with an entirely new understanding of what’s possible, and how to move social business forward inside your business.


Take a morning to get grounded in social business. You can't afford not to.


Click here to get more details or register today. See you on the Tour!