Jive customer Taleo has gone public to promote the huge success of its talent management community, Talent Grid, which is in part powered by Jive SBS. Just launched in September ’09, Taleo now reports that the Talent Grid community has “exceeded its development and usage goals” so it’s creating a separate business unit “to support its rapid growth and adoption.”  Congratulations to Taleo!!


Here’s my favorite part from the Taleo press release:

“Talent Grid offers Taleo customers unprecedented value and the ability to drive superior business performance. This is made possible by harnessing the power of collaboration. By pairing social networking with Talent Management, Taleo's Talent Grid is bringing together thousands, and potentially millions, to share knowledge, offer insights and solve problems.”

I love stories that show Social Business Software being adopted at rates and user sizes that are, well, like what you see in public social networks.  And as Taleo says, they could see millions benefitting from the collaboration happening on Talent Grid, including “the potential to bring together more than 200 million candidates and 550,000 new jobs each quarter into one community” through the Taleo Talent Exchange. In the Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 world, this is where the rubber meets the road in a seriously big way.


So I am cheering hard for Taleo to get to 200 million users, which would be almost 3 times the number of Twitter registered users. But make no mistake, Taleo can’t afford to post a “Fail Whale”(LINK) like Twitter users have come to accept or worry about the privacy of a candidate’s information. That’s why Jive spends so much time on the behind the scenes on scalability and security (LINK), capabilities that have been critical to making SBS successful in the enterprise.


Jive customers continue to be the best at telling great stories of their success. And there are some incredible opportunities to hear from a number of them, whether on their own, on a customer webcast, at JiveWorld or through our much anticipated Get Social Tour which is coming soon to a city near you. These are real SBS experts so listen up!