ActiveTraderCommunity.gifNext week I'll be hosting a Jive webcast with Steve Maiello of Charles Schwab. The webcast is on April 23rd at 10 a.m. PDT, and you can register by visiting our website.


Charles Schwab has been a leader in financial services for nearly three decades, and today provides retail brokerage and banking services to millions of individuals - including me. In fact, my mortgage, home equity line of credit, brokerage and a credit card account are all with Schwab.


In a highly competitive market with no shortage of firms offering these products, the webcast is a unique opportunity to learn how Schwab continues to expand their market share. Just 18 months ago Schwab launched the Schwab Trading Community, powered by Jive Social Business Software (SBS), The community lets Active Trader clients share ideas, ask questions, and find ways to improve their trading. Clients can also network, socialize, and learn from other Active Trader clients, Schwab and third-party experts. You can check out the community via a terrific persona-based tour.


Schwab has seen meaningful participation in the community. Last November Gartner published a research report titled "The Business Impact of Social Computing: Real-World Results for Customer Engagement" that included the following business results:


  • The community has approximately 10,000 participants.
  • On average, a community participant trades at 360 trades per year versus 200 for non-participants.
  • An exploration of customer satisfaction showed that 85% surveyed were satisfied, and 51% were very satisfied.


Steve will be sharing some updated results with us on the webcast, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at Schwab's journey with Social Business Software.


Current and prospective Jive customers love our customer-focused webcasts for the insights and "tales from the front line" format. Join us on April 23rd for another look at how the world's leading brands Jive.