I read a McKinsey executive survey recently that found 71% of enterprises are using Web 2.0 technologies for training purposes.  Given the natural connection of learning and social networking, the popularity should come as no surprise, but that adoption rate number just seems to leap off the page.


It points to something important that anyone involved in eLearning knows instinctively: Social Business Software has the power to take eLearning to an entirely new level.  When we give people the same kind of tools they've fallen in love with in their personal lives (Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn on the career side) and allow them to use these tools as a way to seek out and share information, we give people a new relationship with eLearning - a relationship on their terms.


Ben Kiker, our CMO, spoke with Dawn Poulus, VP of Marketing for Xyleme as part of their podcast series, Xyleme Voices, talking about how companies like Swiss Re, Toshiba, Yum! Brands and CSC, are using Jive to address issues of employee and partner on boarding, expertise location and employee collaboration.


Also in the podcast, Ben touches upon who your greatest allies and assets can be within the organization, and who will help drive the adoption and engagement you're craving for your social learning strategy.  These stories are real, the results are powerful, and the implications that social learning has for business is profound.


Tune into Ben's podcast, and listen to the future of eLearning.