You may have seen one of several articles or a few tweets about "Jive vs. Open Source". That comes from the title of a white paper we recently posted to our website. Frankly, the title was a dumb mistake on our part. I've asked the team to take the document down as it's far too easy to infer a religious war of which we're simply not a part.


Setting the record straight: Jive has consistently made substantial Open Source contributions. Examples include the Openfire, Spark and Smack projects as well as the code contributions Jive employees make to several of the open source frameworks we use. There are few movements that have unleashed as much innovation as Open Source and we're proud of our continuing contributions.


It's a separate question whether small vendors can survive with an Open Source business model in the highly competitive Social Business Software category. I believe the answer is "no," but that's a tangential and uninteresting topic given how infrequently we see these vendors in deals.


Today's skirmish does give me the opportunity to say a few things about what *is* an important upcoming fight for developers in the social business arena. We're in a period of rapid market adoption and now is the time to determine whether an open and interoperable ecosystem will emerge. Jive believes the most important battle here is the decision to embrace open standards.


Expect to see legacy vendors like Microsoft and give lip service to standards without doing anything real. On the other hand, we're implementing OpenSocial, oAuth, OpenID and more. In fact, we've made a ton of progress in this area. Look for us to share more information soon.


We believe we're on the right side of history with our approach to open standards. That approach will provide profound business value for customers, developers and everyone in the growing Jive community.


Now that's a religious war I look forward to fighting.