I'm heads down this week with executives at two key thought leadership events for marketers: The CMO Club Summit in New York City and The Forrester Marketing Forum in Los Angeles. The title of this year's Forrester Marketing Forum speaks volumes about marketing today: "Adaptive Marketing: How to Design a Flexible Organization to Thrive on Change."


Coming out of 2009 and what Time magazine called "The Decade From Hell," most of us are looking forward to change – starting with a return to growth. Since marketing teams are often in the middle of architecting growth strategies, I'm excited to hear about the growth plans conference attendees have on tap for 2010 and beyond.


On many levels the economy today is far stronger than it was a year ago. However, problems still persist. As a result, we're all learning how to operate in a "stop and go" economy. There will be moments when we'll feel emboldened to make big bets, and other times when hitting the pause button will be in order.


Jive Social Business Software can provide great leverage in this "stop and go" economy. Our Jive Market Engagement solution helps organizations proactively monitor brand or product issues and competitive threats; enables quick collaboration on appropriate responses or interventions; and elevates and broadens the social conversations with a company. It's an awesome way to move faster in the moment of pain or opportunity.


Customers don't go online just to gripe. They also give invaluable information and insights that can lead to breakthroughs in innovation, product strategy, and support. Our recently introduced Jive Ideation module lets you channel the voices of your market and partners, score their ideas, and then pick off the best ones give the green light. And when you do, customers will both recognize and give you credit for listening and responding.


While I'm on the road this week, Team Jive is kicking off our 10-city Get Social Tour. Our first two stops are Los Angeles and Houston. Whether you're just starting on your Social Business Software journey or you’re an existing Jive customer, come join us. In typical Jive fashion, community is the theme as we showcase Jive customers, products and best practices to help you GO!


If you’re going to either the CMO Club Summit or the Forrester Marketing Forum, drop me a line @benkiker to connect at the event. If you can’t make it, follow my Twitter stream for nuggets from both conferences.