June is going to be a huge month for Jive. In the next few weeks you’ll be hearing a lot about Jive. We're about to unveil some  amazing new innovations that will dramatically accelerate the Social Business revolution. Amid all the news about where we are headed, we  want to make sure you don't miss some big things that are happening right now.


For starters, we are happy to announce that Jive SBS 4.5 is generally available for Jive customers. Jive SBS 4.5 is all about you. We designed this  release to focus on some of the most often-requested  features and enhancements.


We didn't just pick off a few of the top enhancements. In SBS 4.5  we've added more than 150 customer-requested enhancements. You're  getting a product that brings social innovations from the consumer web  into the enterprise and is dramatically more capable, usable, with  greater speed and performance than any prior release.


If you  aren't already planning to upgrade to SBS 4.5, we've just handed you 150  reasons. You get enhancements to many different SBS capabilities  including:


  • Profiles (including a new Profile  Privacy feature)
  • Discussions
  • Projects
  • Ratings (including a new “liking”  feature)
  • Announcements
  • Tagging
  • Ratings
  • Places
  • Blogs
  • Login & registration
  • Polls
  • Accessibility
  • Support for virtualized environments - Run SBS in a virtualized environment
  • As well as dramatically improved caching, and a lot more.


We didn’t  stop there. We’ve also added some big new capabilities I know many of  you are eager to get your hands on:


  • Microblogging makes real-time communication simple and incredibly  powerful.
  • Enterprise IM  integration lets you leverage your enterprise IM investment with  presence and click-to-chat from directly within your SBS community.
  • OpenSocial Widgets make it easy  to provide views into other information and systems through simple,  standards-based widgets.


For a complete list of what’s new in SBS 4.5,  visit the JiveSpace group on 4.5, where you can not only see what's new in 4.5, but also connect with other customers who are looking to upgrade to 4.5.


You can also register for our 4.5 Overview webcast on June 16.


Getting SBS 4.5

To download  SBS 4.5, simply download the release as an RPM, or as a pre-configured VMWare image (for evaluation). To learn more about all the 4.5 enhancements or discuss special upgrade packages, connect to your Jive Account Manager for a personal briefing.


See The Future of Social Business Software

We’ve got a lot more up our sleeves. Are you  eager to see the future of Social Business software? Join Jive CEO Tony Zingale, as he unveils the future of Social Business Software on June  14th. Believe me, it’s going to be  amazing. If you haven’t made plans to attend (in person in Boston, or  live over the Internet), do it now! 4.5 is just the beginning!