Jive customers are setting and exceeding standards - and high bars for their competition - when it comes to social business transformation. Fortunately, customers such as Intel, CSC, EMC and Yum! Brands are more than willing to walk the social business walk by sharing their successful practices, lessons learned, and results.



Yum! Brands, Intel, and Forrester Research share real-world social business strategies during Social Business Leadership Roundtable


When Jive Strategy Consulting first began working with Cindy Costa, Senior Marketing Manager at Yum! Brands (parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and more) over a year ago, I thought the goal of connecting several thousand restaurant and corporate employees for innovation's sake seemed a tall order. But, as I watched Cindy's master plan unfold to launch and sustain iCHING, Yum! Brand's Know-How and Innovation employee community powered by Jive SBS, I knew it was just a matter of time before Yum! Brands became yet another standard-setter in the corporate world's movement towards enterprise-wide social business practices.


Cindy and other standard-setting Jive customers will share their strategies in tomorrow's webcast with Intel, Yum! Brands, and Forrester Research, during which Jive CEO Tony Zingale will moderate a roundtable discussion on real-world tactics and market trends. I hope you can join us!



CSC shared how they differentiate themselves as an innovative leader during Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston


I had the pleasure of listening to Lem Lasher, CSC Chief Innovation Officer, during his keynote at Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston a few weeks ago. Lem said that the challenge in becoming a true innovative leader is to figure out how to effectively translate great ideas into practical solutions. He said that, "really good management of an organization will invariably kill innovation," and that, "employees are not the problem - they're being suffocated by management."


He then shared how CSC has journeyed toward becoming a socially collaborative and innovative industry standard setter by embracing C3, CSC's enterprise-class global social networking platform powered by Jive SBS. Remarking on the speed with which CSCers adopted the use of C3, Lem said, "Jive has been simply stunning. C3 is the de facto standard for how we collaborate. It's the language of the company."


And then came a highlight of the conference for me, which is best described by Nigel Fenwick's post in his Forrester's CIO blog, Ten Tips from the Enterprise 2.0 Conference:

CSC showed how they have driven greater collaboration across 49,000 of their employees in just 18 months, with a strategy focused on connect, communicate and collaborate. (Those of us in the audience even witnessed the in-field promotion of Claire Flanagan, CSC senior manager for knowledge management and enterprise social collaboration, to director – congratulations Claire!)


I've been fortunate to have worked with Claire since September 2008 on her overall strategy for CSC's social collaboration efforts, and couldn't be prouder of her accomplishments. Congratulations indeed, Claire!



EMC shared their inside-out approach to social business practices at the Jive Get Social Tour in Boston


The very next day after the Enterprise 2.0 Conference wrapped up, I enjoyed hearing Jamie Pappas, EMC Social Media Strategy Manager, share a peek into EMC's social business journey at Jive's Get Social Tour in Boston. While many audience members drank Bloody Marys to commiserate over the Celtics championship game loss the night before, Jamie kept them quite engaged with invaluable tips and techniques to leading an enterprise toward a social business transformation. Here are a few of my favorites:


  • Identify experts and advocates, and leverage their influence and expertise
  • Value proposition and use cases will vary from group to group, so it's important to tailor the "what's in it for me" message for each
  • Employees will find ways to collaborate, whether or not you provide the tools


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