Facebook is about to announce they have reached 500M users - an incredible number by any measure.  As I'm sure you've noticed, brands large and small are investing more time growing their pages and engaging with their communities on Facebook. Old Spice has now driven over 500,000 fans to their page thanks to a great new campaign, "Old Spice Guy".  Facebook pages are becoming one of the essential communication channels for many companies and brands. This is great news, but also introduces some challenges for companies engaging on multiple social-media fronts. As the number of representatives participating in the conversations grow and the use of the tools begin to span departments, Jive's unique offering turns what could be a recipe for disaster into "business as usual". Additionally, Jive's Market Engagement (JME) stands alone as the only social media monitoring solution that allows stakeholders to collaborate in a "war room" on appropriate responses to conversations taking place across the web, so you can respond at the speed of social.


With this summer release, Jive's Market Engagement has you well equipped to identify, measure, and engage in the relevant conversations on Facebook. This enhances our already robust Twitter monitoring and engagement features, and adds a number of other enhancements that have been frequently requested by our customers. I'm personally excited about the solutions these updates enable and the additional insights and "signal" that is provided now. There are myriad ways to use these new features to solve real-world problems, so keep reading to get the details.

Monitor specific Facebook pages

  • Monitor every post to specific Facebook pages or groups, for example your company’s fan page, in addition to keyword monitoring across the community.
  • Analyze community engagement on any page. Compare performance across multiple pages.


Facebook Engagement

  • JME can now be authenticated as a Facebook client, so you can take advantage of its powerful workflow and collaboration benefits when posting and responding directly to Facebook from within JME.
  • Post content simultenously to both Facebook and Twitter to reduce workload and keep both communities updated.


Real time, intelligent sentiment analysis

  • JME now automatically analyzes every mention and determines the tone, whether positive or negative, so you can track sentiment trends over time and use sentiment as a filter. For example, you can choose to receive alerts only when a mention on Twitter, a blog or Facebook is negative.


Article archive

  • Store the mentions your team has already addressed in a permanent archive, to get them out of your daily workflow view but keep them in reports and available for reference.


Sentiment Signal

  • Discover meaningful changes in sentiment on Facebook pages, Twitter and across the entire social web, while hiding the noise that typically makes it difficult to see real changes.


Usability Enhancements

  • Twitter Retweet support has been added to the social media console and emails
  • Multi-account posting is now supported, so you can post content to multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts in one step
  • Sentiment-based filtering on real-time alerts and Daily Briefings
  • Breakout of Twitter and Facebook as distinct media types
  • Improved mobile styling for engagement features
  • Per-user control over real-time alerts and Daily Briefings



If you'd like to see Jive Market Engagement in action, request one of our new Social Media Audits to see what's really being said online about your company or brand, or join our Product team for a live webcast to see the latest and greatest.