As a Jive customer, I am so looking forward to attending this year’s JiveWorld. Again.JiveWorld2010.jpg

Why? Let me explain:



  1. Jive does conferences “right”. I have been to several industry conferences (even one overseas) and I can tell you the best ones I attend are when customers share their stories. Yes, in this industry, you do need to hear from experts from time to time. But the best value I’ve ever gotten from a conference is when I have the opportunity to hear directly from practitioners trying to execute programs I know I have to execute. I always have something to learn when real practitioners share their goals, their challenges, their successes and their lessons learned. At JiveWorld, you get all that. Jive does a great job balancing Jive content (roadmap, keynote sessions) with real customer stories. No matter where you are on your deployment journey, you will find “a track for that” and a customer to learn from.
  2. Jive listens. Last year I think a number of us told them something like “awesome content, how the heck did you fit that in one day and a half?” So, this year, did you see the schedule? More customers, more tracks and two full days. Trust me, if you attend this year, guaranteed no matter what session or track you chose,  you will be missing valuable content going on in the other tracks. There is just no way to clone yourself to attend them all. But that's ok, because Jive will make sure you have access to the videos and presentations after the conference concludes. So you can finish "attending" the conference when you go back home.
  3. Jive knows how to throw a party. Many of us got our professional avatars photographed at JiveWorld last year by the Jive-sponsored photographer. I have great memorable photos with my industry and Jive friends taken from Jive’s photo both (Jive that’s a hint: don’t get rid of the photo booth this year!). I still have fond memories of the goodies that were given out during the party. Heck, there were so many good things about the party I can’t really list them all. It still comes down to one thing, though. Jive knows how to put on a good event.
  4. Gartner.jpgJiveWorld provides fantastic networking opportunities. I re-acquainted myself with friends or made new ones. Jive was a tremendous help to many of us customers and prospects who wanted to line up “birds of a feather” sessions. Again, Jive listened and learned from last year, and I hear they have even better plans for facilitating customer and prospect networking opportunities.
  5. And finally, Jive hires top talent who are passionate and energized. Let’s face it; it’s just darned too much fun to be around smart, fun people!

If you are on the fence, I urge you to sign up. JiveWorld did sell out last year. And it will again this year.

There is a reason why Jive is the leader in three Gartner Magic Quadrants. Don’t you want to find out why? (Hint: Register Now!)



Claire Flanagan is CSC's Director of Enterprise Social Business Collaboration and Communities Strategy. She led CSC's evaluation and implementation of Jive Social Business Software for 93,000+ employees, which is currently enjoying a 50,000+ active member rate. She has also overseen the implementation of CSC's public-facing social business platform. Claire speaks regularly at industry conferences about social business, such as the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, and has received numerous awards and recognition along the way. She is a charter member of The 2.0 Adoption Council and the Jive Champions advocate program. She won the award for Community Adoption at last year's JiveWorld conference. You can connect with Claire in Twitter, LinkedIn, her personal blog, and Slideshare.