context_king.jpgAdoption planning is critical to create a successful community.  If you’ve planned well, it’s easy to get drunk on the waves of early adopters signing up and participating.  Getting over the adoption gap from the early adopters to the early majority is not as easy.  The early majority needs a reason to get engaged first and then return regularly.  You know you need good content first, because you’ve likely heard the meme, “content is king.” But when you have so much content that your users can’t quickly and easily find what they need, context needs to usurp the throne.  
Join me at JiveWorld10 in the session Context is King: Get Users In and Keep Them In, where I’ll share how Cerner, a leading provider of IT solutions in the healthcare industry, is using a context-based approach to engage its employees, customers, and partners in uCern, Cerner’s online community powered by Jive SBS.


In this session, you’ll learn strategies and examples for:

  • Measurement and Reporting. Measuring behaviors of users by role and using it for targeted recommendations. 
  • Community Management. Using tactics like group email digests, teaching community managers to fish where the fish are, and more.
  • Targeting Users. Leverage approaches like “Others like you have also joined…” based on role, organization, and topic.
  • User Self-service.  Helping users help themselves by using better page design and introducing new widgets to help find what is relevant.
  • Customer Support. How we helped organize and focus the crowd and the results realized.

We’ll also discuss pitfalls, such as why email campaigns fail, assuming too much about user proficiency with the tools, and what employee behavior does and doesn’t tell you about likely customer behavior.
Finally, we’ll open up the conversation to the audience and learn what is and isn’t working in other communities and brainstorm some new possibilities. We should all walk out with a list of new approaches to try back in the office on Monday.  Stop by and share!

~ Brice Jewell, uCern Program Manager, Cerner