Yesterday we kicked off JiveWorld10 to a standing-room only crowd. The turnout and enthusiasm was truly impressive and humbling. In its second year the conference has more than doubled, with 700+ attendees from 200 companies and 14 countries. Nearly 50 companies are on the waitlist.


There is no doubt the Social Business revolution is in full force.


The evidence is in the breakthrough results our 40+ customer speakers are sharing here. Each and every JiveWorld case study, panel discussion, and community demo is a real-life example of the 18 Social Business imperatives in action.


The evidence is also in this blog post by Bart Schutte of Saint-Gobain:

I can't remember being more pumped up about my work.  Nothing that I have done over the last three decades will have as big an impact as what I am doing now; our deployment of Jive across our company.  Exciting times!


These are indeed exciting times. Social Business represents a rare opportunity for its practitioners to transform not only their companies but also themselves as leaders. I hope each and every one of you reading this will join me on this journey.


Today is the last day of JiveWorld, and we’ve got a packed agenda. We just announced that more than 50 developers have committed to building applications for Jive Apps Market. Not only will everyone will get a sneak peek, we’ll also preview Jive 5. For those of you who aren’t here with us in San Francisco, we’ve got the next best thing. JiveWorld10 is being captured on video to ensure you have the tools to start your own Social Business revolution. Sign up here to get notified when the videos are posted to our website.


On behalf of the entire Jive team, I thank our customers and partners for helping us put together a legendary event. We’ve got one more day to go, let’s make it count!


P.S. We’ve just posted our full Social Business Imperatives manifesto – I encourage you to download it.