Today was an amazing day for Jive!


This morning, we joined Kleiner Perkins’ John Doerr, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Zynga’s Mark Pincus at the unveiling of Kleiner’s new $250 million social investment fund ... the sFund. With this fund, KP will be looking for entrepreneurs and innovators who are  reimagining and reinventing the Internet on social platforms. Fund investors include Amazon, Facebook, Zynga, and Allen & Company.


Jive was one of only four companies showcased during this event and the only social business company present.


For me, there were a few key takeaways from the social titans at this landmark event.


Zuckerberg predicted that every industry is going to get redesigned and rethought around people; he believes that there'll be opportunity in the next 5 years to pick any industry and rethink it in a social way. Jive is doing just that. We are redesigning the ENTERPRISE around people and social, setting the standard for the new way to business.


Zuckerberg also characterized some companies as having a light social layer vs. those that have social built in. Ever since Jive's Get Social tour, Jive has been talking about the fact that enterprises will have two choices: business as usual or social business. Business as usual checks the social box by bolting on the social layer. Social business is social from the ground up and radically changes the way companies engage with customers, partners, employees, and the social web.


Zynga's Mark Pincus envisions an Internet that is logged in and knows you eveywhere and anywhere. This is exactly the vision of Jive What Matters. Jive What Matters will combine information from social business  applications, existing enterprise tools and the external social web into  a simple, tailored user experience.


Bing Gordon, KPCB partner who is leading the sFund echos Zuckerberg. He belives that there'll soon be two types of start-ups. The first, bolts on social, or what he characterized as slap-on social shovelware. The other, is a start-up that is social-built from the ground up. Bing predicts the shovelware start-up will have a hard time getting backing.


During the panel, there was also lively discussion about how social apps will make our lives frictionless. This trend is reflected in our vision for the Jive Apps Market. The Jive Apps Market is the only platform where adoption of business  applications for the enterprise will be socially driven. Developers  will be able to rapidly build social business applications using the  OpenSocial framework. Jive looks forward to welcoming fellow KPCB companies into the Jive Apps Market.


The current talk in the industry is about social changing the world. Yet, when we go to work we continue to interact with legacy applications, rigid infrastructure and siloed processes. People spend a lot more time working than "playing." Therefore, the need for the new way to business and being social is massive in the enterprise. Hearing these leaders evangelize social as the way of the future further validates Jive's vision for changing the way work gets done.


We're incredibly honored to be singled out today as the company leading the social business revolution. Thanks to all our employees and customers who've helped us get this type of recognition and momentum.


In closing, as John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins said today, "If you don't have a social strategy, you'd better go get one!"


Tony Z