new-way-community-header.pngGartner just released its 2010 Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. I thought I’d take the opportunity to comment on the state of the market from the Jive perspective. I guess to get it out of the way I’ll answer the question, “How do we feel about the latest quadrant?” Thrilled. Jive is honored to be recognized as a pure play leader in the Social Business space giving the industry juggernaut a run for their money. Everyone loves a good David & Goliath story, and we’re bent on assuring there is no change to the ending.


This MQ is interesting from my perspective because it showed Gartner raising the bar for inclusion and amp’ing up their criteria. I particularly felt this dynamic because there was never a year when Jive showed, we believe, more leadership in the market than 2010. At a time when larger vendors felt it was safe to wade into the market, and open source vendors were optimistically hoping for the end of innovation in this space, we raised the bar with a very aggressive agenda for 2011. What Matters: The next generation user experience for social business software.  Not just what you need to know, but communication and action. We’re introducing social graph based filtration & recommendation to make the challenge of staying on top of your business effortless. We’ve recognized that the communication technologies we’ve been given in the enterprise are literally decades old, and laid down the foundation for what we hope will be the way you manage all of your communication in the future. And finally, we’ve taken the antiquated idea of “Tasks” and turned them into “Actions”. Modern standards have made it possible to pull other systems inside of Jive so that you can view, assess, and make a decision without leaving the interface. In a time where the requirements to handle more communication & information seem to be increasing for every role, we feel it is time to invest in a modern UX to address the challenge.


Finally, we’ll be rolling out Jive  Apps Market. Why? Because open systems always win. We think the opportunity here is to give our customers a new way to work. Jive can’t possibly execute on this opportunity alone—it’s too big. But with the strength of our partners we know we can bring about the transformative revolution that has already swept the consumer space.  We want every enterprise employee to be delighted by our software and revel in what they are able to accomplish.


So, what do I think about this year’s iteration of the Gartner MQ?  I think largely they got it right. I also applaud them for taking the wildly unpopular tactic of raising the bar.  They recognized that while this market has moved more quickly than almost any enterprise space before it, we are not across the chasm yet—our best days are in front of us. This quadrant deserved stricter criteria, dropped vendors, excluded vendors, and everyone facing a higher bar for execution and vision.  I view it as the new criteria against which we will all be measured. I’m not concerned about Jive’s ability to rise to the challenge. I think with the delivery of Jive 5 in Q1, our continued expansion in Europe, and our growing partner channel that you are only getting a taste of what is ahead.  We feel fortunate to participate in this phenomenon that is the social revolution. We see a new way to work, and we can help those who join us in embracing it to the benefit of their employees, customers, and shareholders.  We continue to feel the burden and distinction of being an independent leader completely focused on this space—but, we won’t let you, our customers or our future customers, down.