I get asked this question at least once a day... and I bet you get asked this as well:


“Does Social Business software produce tangible business benefits?”


Your colleagues (and your boss) hear the word 'social' and immediately think of Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites really meant for interacting with friends in your personal life.


I’ve spent countless hours telling these people about the amazing things you, our customers, are doing with Social Business at work. You are revolutionizing your businesses in many ways.


“But,” people protest, “We want numbers! We need charts and graphs!“


Until recently, it was hard to quantify the business impact of these initiatives.


So, in December, we commissioned a Jive customer-wide survey, with the goal of determining the business benefits that you and Social Business are driving in your organization.


Your response was overwhelming. Typically, a stellar response rate for a survey like this is 1%. You responded at well over six times that rate with over 500 responses from more than 300 individual companies worldwide. That’s yet another indication of the passion and dedication you have for driving the Social Business revolution.


In addition to providing information about the business impact, we asked you for feedback on our roadmap, our customer support, and many other aspects of how we partner with you. Thank you for participating, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Your feedback helps us improve our products and services.


Many of you have asked us to share the aggregate information from the survey. I’m thrilled to be able to do that here. We plan to run this survey again on a regular basis. If there are other business value questions you’d be interesting in seeing us track, please comment on this post or tweet me @tonyzingale to let us know.


Thanks again, and I look forward to continuing to drive the new way to business together in 2011!


Jive Customer Survey Results


Key Finding #1: Social Business Drives Breakthrough Business Results


It's clear from your responses that Social Business is driving business value and generating return on investment.  Here are the top benefits you told us you're realizing with Jive and Social Business:


Customer Engagement Benefits:

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Employee Engagement Benefits:

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Key Finding #2: Social Business Software Adoption is Pervasive


Eighty-three percent of respondents reported that they see significant value from enterprise-wide Social Business initiatives. This indicates that Social Business is materially impacting many different business processes, from the way we collaborate internally to the way we engage with our customers.


In addition, Social Business is gaining widespread adoption across many industries. Over 35 industries were represented in the survey, including high tech, financial services, telecom, media, healthcare, government and many others. Social Business is becoming the new way to business, period.


Key Finding #3: Social Business is Mission-Critical


The last finding is not a surprise. It is clear that Social Business is a mission-critical initiative that requires a tight partnership between IT and Business to be successful. IT needs to be closely involved with the social business implementation to ensure that the system has the right scalability, security and corporate governance standards required by the enterprise.


You can read the full survey results here...


Tony Z