With over 40 brands represented at the Super Bowl and millions spent on 30 second spots, who really came out on top, and who lost big? We turned to the scoreboard of the social web, Jive Social Media Engagement for the answer. We tracked every major advertiser during the game and ranked the top 10 buzzworthy brands. Here's the highlight reel. Does the winner surprise you? What did YOU think?



The data:

Using Jive Social Media Engagement's realtime analytics platform, we looked at buzz on Twitter and Facebook. Jive counted total mentions (including retweets) across the main social networks and evaluated the relative popularity within the results across the 40+ brands were included in our analysis. A number of qualifying topics and keywords were also included [baseline qualifiers for all brands: ad, tv, super, superbowl, football, spot, commercial, XLV] that help improve the relevance and accuracy around Super Bowl-specific mentions. In some cases we added topical filters and additional keywords for further noise reduction. The focus of the analysis was the popularity and the size of conversation compared to the other brands.