One of the more interesting facets of the Super Bowl ad game was the "fight within the fight". As we watched the ads roll by and the social web explode with commentary we could see the winners and losers in each market category start to emerge. Better yet, they all threw punches at each other!  Audi took shots at Mercedes, Verizon at AT&T (and vice versa!) and so on. As part of our social media Super Bowl analysis, we also put together a scoreboard for winners in the major product categories. Keep reading below for more commentary on why these brands won their segments and how viewers reacted.

Redux on the winners:

Automotive - Chrysler - The motor city stalwart did a phenomenal job of storytelling and evoking positive emotion. The narrative, Eminem's 8 Mile chords, the visual imagery and ultimately Eminem himself delivering the message came together beautifully and had a strong impact on viewers. The commentary was positive and generally broad in terms of what people liked about it, but the "great storytelling" meme was the most picked up element.

Entertainment - Glee - Fox's super-hyped hit show had tons of support and action throughout the Super Bowl. At one point early on in the 2nd quarter they were leading by a mile, but the Chrysler ad changed everything and took the overall lead. Numbers in the 4th quarter of the game showed Chrysler was to win the overall. However, as the 4th drew to a close Fox peppered in a few more Glee plugs during TV-timeouts and Glee moved back into the overall lead. In the end, when the dust settled, Glee won by only 1000 mentions.

Food & Drink - Doritos - While we didn't witness a mano--a-mano fight with Fritos or Pringles, the Doritos ads were definitely talked about! What we witnessed was interesting - a build-up of commentary and positive sentiment over the course of the 1st quarter where they peppered three commercials in. The first ad with the Pug and door left people a bit puzzled, the second ad with the finger-licking left some folks downright disgusted, and the third with the magic Dorito dust put a smile on faces. In the end, Doritos was #3 overall and easily won the category.

Technology - Motorola - In this segment we rolled up both websites and technology companies (including AT&T and Verizon). Although Groupon had a higher number of total mentions, we are giving the nod to Motorola as their sentiment score was in positive territory. As far as a brand/product launch goes - the Xoom tablet and the Orwell-meets-Gattica ad had people talking.

Websites - E*Trade - Here's a category worth discussing. As you saw in the overall scoreboard, Groupon came in 5th due to the amount of buzz around their broadly disliked ads. In our category winner analysis however, overall sentiment weighs in.  Given that both GoDaddy and Salesforce Chatter are populated the "worst of the 'bowl" boards, they got DQ'd from the category. As such E*Trade, who was in the 3rd spot with over 3000 mentions finds itself on top.

Consumer Goods - Sketchers - This brand scored a late-in-the-game major touchdown thanks to casting Kim Kardashian in a racy ad that, well, had little to do with the shoes. Kim has over 6 millions twitter followers - so no surprise this blew up on the social web.

I have to also give an honorable mention to Audi. Among the Teutonic carmakers, they came out first with a well-received, out-of-the-ordinary spot, which made Mercedes play the role of Grandpa. Some folks didn't like the Kenny G cameo, but overall it resonated well and got many laughs. Audi also deserves kudos for being the most socially advanced of all..As far as I've seen Audi was the only advertiser to launch a twitter hashtag campaign prior to the Super Bowl as a tie-in. This strategy has been very effective and has been covered by the tech, auto and ad press quite a bit. When we added up both the hashtag mentions and brand mentions, Merc and BMW were no where close in terms of buzz.

If you missed any of these great ads - check them out here:

The data:

Using Jive Social Media Engagement's realtime analytics platform, we looked at buzz on Twitter and Facebook. Jive counted total mentions (including retweets) across the main social networking sites and evaluated the relative popularity within the results across the 40+ brands were included in our analysis. A number of qualifying topics and keywords were also included [baseline qualifiers for all brands: ad, tv, super, superbowl, football, spot, commercial, XLV] that help improve the relevance and accuracy around Super Bowl-specific mentions. In some cases we added topical filters and additional keywords for further noise reduction. The focus of the analysis was the popularity and the size of conversation compared to the other brands.