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There are pivotal moments in every company's growth trajectory. And today is one of them for Jive.


I'm extremely excited to announce the appointment of four new members to our Board of Directors. Joining us are senior executives from Facebook, Google and McAfee. Together, they bring unparalled experience in defining new markets, creating breakthrough technology, and building game-changing companies in both the enterprise and consumer segments. Their combined experience and leadership will be invaluable in helping Jive extend our lead in the Social Business market and to accelerate our product and technology innovation for the benefit of our customers.


Dave DeWalt is the former CEO and current President of McAfee (now part of Intel). Dave has more than 20 years of experience building innovative, industry-leading technology companies, including CEO of McAfee and Documentum. Since joining McAfee in 2007, Dave guided the company through three consecutive years of growth, with a record $2.1 billion in revenue in 2010. Here is what he has to say about Jive:


"As a current Jive customer, it is clear that Social Business Software is the most important new enterprise application category in a decade. Jive's market leadership position, customer base and innovative product, is driving the new way to do business."


Joining our board from Facebook is Jonathan Heiliger, VP of Technical Operations. Jonathan oversees Facebook's global infrastructure and internal technology systems. Prior to Facebook, he was a technology advisor to several early-stage companies in connection with Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital. Jonathan also spent several years at Loudcloud (which became Opsware and was later acquired by HP) as the Chief Operating Officer. Here is what he had to say about joining Jive:


"Jive is helping modernize how people engage with each other in the workplace to make work better. Jive, thanks to its strong team, is well positioned to take advantage of the large opportunity before the company.”


Sundar Pichai comes to Jive's board from Google, where he is VP of Product Management, overseeing the Google Chrome browser and OS as well as the Google Toolbar. Sundar brings more than 15 years of experience developing high-tech consumer and enterprise products. Here is his perspective on Jive and the opportunity for Social Business:

"Social Business is an attractive market opportunity and is in many ways driving innovation in enterprise software. Jive has great vision and insight in the Social Business space and I’m excited to join the team.”

The fourth new board member is Chuck Robel, former Chairman of the Board at McAfee and current Lead Independent Director at Informatica. Chuck began his career as a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where he managed numerous IPO’s including Yahoo, Documentum, Hyperion (formerly Arbor Software), Borland, CBS MarketWatch, JD Edwards and Redback Networks. Here is what he thinks of Jive and of the opportunity ahead of us:


"There has been limited innovation in enterprise platforms and applications in the last decade. Social is taking over the enterprise. Jive is bringing social into the enterprise the right way – securely, at scale, and providing real business value."


These four new executives will join Bill Lanfri, Private Investor; Bill Lynch, Jive Co-Founder; Jim Goetz, General Partner at Sequoia Capital; Ted Schlein, Managing Partner at Kleiner Perkins; and me, to form Jive's Board of Directors.


Jive has a rare opportunity to become one of the next great software companies. Today's announcement is fundamental to our mission to help change the way work gets done in the enterprise. We strive to make customers more productive, more collaborative, and more connected on the back of Social Business. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be a better partner for our customers. We can't do it without you -- and we thank you again for sharing our vision for making work social and for making work great!


Tony Z

alfresco.pngToday at Gartner's Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit, Jive joined Alfresco in announcing a new connector that enables Jive and Alfresco customers to seamlessly integrate the two solutions. SolutionSet, a Jive integration partner, is working with Alfresco and Jive to develop a toolkit which is based on Alfresco Enterprise 3.4 and uses the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard supported by Alfresco. The launch of this integration means that Alfresco customers can have the best of both worlds, by leveraging their new or existing investments in a leading Enteprise Content Management (ECM) solution and front-ending it with Jive's Engage social business platform. The same is true for Jive customers who need robust ECM for their vast amounts of existing content, and need to keep information centralized, accessible and organized. This makes every piece of enterprise content more searchable, ratable, likable, commentable and most importantly, more social.


As we have seen with our recent customer survey data, enterprises that fully adopt social business have started to yield impressive ROI numbers. Part of the winning formula for success in social is integrating it into existing business operations and business process so that the value can cross departments and locations. This means integrating the social system into existing enterprise platforms such as ECM/CMS systems, and treating it as mission-critical alongside other core business platforms. Customers asking for seamless integration between Jive's social business platform and Alfresco is a great example of this trend, and a clear indication that social business is becoming the new way to work. There are numerous benefits we could talk about, but some of the most impactful are reducing data silos and improving the value of enterprise search. In fact, Sameer Patel of Sovos called the toolkit a  "meaningful effort towards performance acceleration" in his latest blog post.



Existing Jive customers have been very excited about the news:


As a customer of both Jive and Alfresco, we are already taking advantage of Alfresco's robust document management features on our Jive C3 Collaboration Platform. We are pleased to see that Jive and Alfresco are partnering to deliver tighter integration and long-term support for our combined solution.

~ John A.Glowacki, Jr. Corporate VP and CTO, CSC


The toolkit will be available soon as part of Alfresco Enterprise 3.4. If you are at the Gartner PCC or 360 this week in LA, stop by the Jive or Alfresco booths for more information and a preview of the solution.


Full press release can be found here:


Learn more at Alfresco's new solution page:


Visit Jive's technology partner page:


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In case you were under a rock somewhere yesterday, Apple announced the next generation of the iPad. That led people like me to start rationalizing why a new iPad is an absolute necessity.


  1. Facetime would make it easy to talk to my wife and kids while on the road. The video cameras on my iPhone and Macbook aren't adequate for that.
  2. HDMI out would be handy for those three times a year I would want to connect it to a TV.
  3. It's faster, which hopefully means Angry Birds will now come with a hyper-velocity mode.


What's really cool about it? (Please don't tell anyone I'm this shallow.)


It's wicked thin.


I take some solace in the fact that apparently most of the rest of you agree.


Yesterday @tomchikoore from our Social Media team here at Jive used Jive Social Media Engagement to track the conversation about the iPad during the Keynote. He put together a time-lapse graph that shows how much buzz key features of the iPad 2 got during the presentation.


Check out this live graph to see the trends. Give it a minute to load. It's loading a bunch of data, and all those Charlie Sheen tweets are clogging the intertubes.

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