In case you were under a rock somewhere yesterday, Apple announced the next generation of the iPad. That led people like me to start rationalizing why a new iPad is an absolute necessity.


  1. Facetime would make it easy to talk to my wife and kids while on the road. The video cameras on my iPhone and Macbook aren't adequate for that.
  2. HDMI out would be handy for those three times a year I would want to connect it to a TV.
  3. It's faster, which hopefully means Angry Birds will now come with a hyper-velocity mode.


What's really cool about it? (Please don't tell anyone I'm this shallow.)


It's wicked thin.


I take some solace in the fact that apparently most of the rest of you agree.


Yesterday @tomchikoore from our Social Media team here at Jive used Jive Social Media Engagement to track the conversation about the iPad during the Keynote. He put together a time-lapse graph that shows how much buzz key features of the iPad 2 got during the presentation.


Check out this live graph to see the trends. Give it a minute to load. It's loading a bunch of data, and all those Charlie Sheen tweets are clogging the intertubes.