I am excited to announce the acquisition of Proximal Labs, a privately-held software company that brings innovative ‘big data’ technology to enterprise social networks. Proximal will help accelerate Jive's existing efforts to use the power of ‘big data’ to unlock the value of the social graph in the enterprise.


Big Data is the set of technologies and practices that deal with diverse, petabyte scale, real-time data sources. These technologies were originally developed at companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook that pioneered recommendation engines to map consumers to the right products and services based on their interests. The same techniques that can target an advertisement to a user, based on their browsing habits, can be used in a workplace, to recommend a co-worker or a customer that has information critical to the work at hand. They can shortcut the social graph and make direct relationships happen quickly.


At Jive we believe that the future of work is personalized, giving people access to the right information and the right people at the right time to get their job done.  We are bringing the best of consumer technology to the enterprise to change the way work gets done, increasing productivity while making work more fun and more personal.


Companies like Facebook have pioneered the social consumer graph. This graph maps the users of Facebook and how they are related to one another. In the enterprise context, there is an even richer graph of people. It includes the organization structure, people who collaborate together, the partner network, the vendor network and the customer network.  All of these people have a common interest in seeing the company succeed. At the individual level, though, it can be very difficult to get connected to the right person you need to reach to get our job done effectively.  Imagine you could find that person when you needed them the most. We believe that by using the power of 'big data,' we're going to make this a reality and personalize work.


But that's not the only way 'big data' can help us get our work done. Today, companies have access to a massive amount of data: from collaboration systems like Jive, from enterprise systems and from the social web. There are so many data sources that you can get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of them. This technology can cut through this noise and help direct information to you when you need it.


Once we recognized that the future of work is personalized, we started developing the right expertise to capitalize on it. The Proximal acquisition will helps us accelerate our ability to deliver on this strategy. Proximal's team brings to Jive both scientific grounding in social network analysis and experience building big data systems at production scale. At the core of Proximal’s capabilities is deep expertise in information retrieval, social analytics, and machine learning, with the end goals of making content more relevant and communities more engaging. The Proximal technology will be immediately leveraged in multiple areas of the Jive product, including supercharging our recommender, analytics, search and the Jive Social Media Engagement. This technology is a great complement to the excellent work that these Jive teams have already done, and will enable us to dramatically accelerate our innovation in these areas.


The entire Proximal team will join Jive’s engineering group and will be based in Palo Alto. The team includes a talented group of engineers, scientists and innovators, who have been contributors to notable open source projects, including Apache Hadoop. The team brings an unmatched combination of scientific, industry and academic talent. David Gutelius, Proximal Labs co-founder and CEO, will become Jive’s Chief Social Scientist. In his new role, David will drive the enterprise social graph strategy and overall technology innovation at Jive. You will be hearing from him often!


Proximal is yet another step in our journey to build the next great enterprise software company and change the way we work. And we're not stopping here, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements!!


Brian Roddy

SVP of Engineering