iStock_000005412602XSmall.jpgDuring my first month on the job, I've been a road warrior on the New Way Tour.  It has been an awesome experience bringing real-world case studies of social business success to cities across North America and Europe.  I just found out that we're going to stream live video of the San Francisco event, so the folks at home can get inspired, learn best practices, and network without leaving their desks!


Date:  May 24, 2011
Time:  8:30 AM – 10:30 AM PST



Mark Yolton, SVP, SAP Community Network
SAP has embraced the new way, and achieved amazing results. Hear @MarkYolton share how mission-critical Social Business is at the fourth-largest software company in the world.


Chris Fletcher, Research Director, Gartner
@ChrisFletcher will share his views on the rapidly growing social business industry.  Hear him share his perspective on what's in store for companies already embracing social, and the implications for the ones that haven' done so yet.


Tony Zingale, CEO, Jive Software
@tonyzingale will share his perspective on the state of Social Business, and what the future of work holds for all of us. You'll also get an exclusive, up-close look the company's latest software release, Jive 5.


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