As a person who boycotted conferences for a couple of years because I was tired of hearing pundits spout theory, cite zero practical examples from their own work, and tell me nothing new I hadn't already read, JiveWorld was a breath of fresh air. Because the conference sessions are almost entirely led by Jive clients, practitioners like me doing this stuff every day, it's extremely relevant. When you attend, you will walk away with several ideas you can immediately take back to your company to implement on Monday. And by ideas, I don't mean, "I should try to prove ROI by measuring business outcomes". Instead, you'll walk out with practical examples like, "We were able to prove ROI by showing that users who were active in Jive logged X% fewer help desk tickets to our support organization, which led to $ saved, and we measured activity by..., we measured reduced help desk tickets by..., and we reduced the number of variables influencing those numbers in order to better prove causality by...". Just like you, I want to talk to people who have figured it out, not experts or sales people telling me what I "should" do.


Hands down, JW10 was the most valuable conference I've ever attended across the various jobs I've held.

I'd also underscore Tracy's comments on the value of the Jive client network. They are a truly passionate bunch, and collaboration is in all of our job descriptions, so the willingness of the group to share openly and freely is invaluable. So if you're looking for the real deal from people like you, I'll see you in Vegas in October. Head over and register today, because the early bird and alumni pricing ends at midnight!