This morning we announced Jive's acquisition of OffiSync.


Those of you who aren't familiar with OffiSync are certainly familiar with another company: Microsoft. With more than 600 million users, everyone would agree that Microsoft is the de facto standard for desktop productivity applications.


OffiSync offers the market-leading Microsoft Office social integration solutions. It also brings the the broadest, deepest integration for social solutions across all Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The company already has a deep integration with Jive -- we've been good partners for more than one year. Hundreds of thousands of end users at Jive customers already use OffiSync to bring a social experience to their desktops. Which made the decision to join forces an obvious choice. Because while social has transformed workplace productivity, these applications haven't changed  much in 20 years. Our inboxes are clogged with mile-long email threads. Reply-all really means CYA. Sharing and working together on files is  painful. No wonder so much time is wasted trying to get the context for&  what we're working on or emailing about -- it's trapped in someone's  inbox or folder.


For those who've wondered whether it's really possible for an enterprise to embrace Social Business, you can stop wondering. With this acquisition, Jive is bringing Social Business to you, where you work, to your desktop, to the applications and emails you live in eight hours a day. Our customers no longer have to choose between collaborating on Jive's Social Business platform or the familiar Microsoft Office UI.


This is not a lightweight feed or stream that offers little actual business value; Jive is giving Microsoft users the ability to fully interact with the Jive platform, from their favorite desktop application. Think about it. Now it's possible for more than 600 million users of Microsoft to 'like' their desktops.


With our acquisition of OffiSync, Jive is absolutely going to accelerate the pace of Social Business adoption in the enterprise.


For more details about the announcement, and about the power of Jive and OffiSync, please check out these videos of me and Oudi Antebi, co-founder and CEO of OffiSync.




You can read more in the FAQ about the acquisition as well.