If you haven't heard the news already,  Jive acquired OffiSync, a company I founded in 2010 along with my brother, Roy. We built this company for one purpose -- to fundamentally change how users collaborate in the enterprise.


Up until a few years ago, I worked at Microsoft for 8 years as a product manager for both Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint product lines. During that time, we introduced SharePoint with the goal to address the collaboration challenge in the enterprise. SharePoint ended up working out great as a document management solution, but in the end, it missed its main goal of enhancing collaboration. Ever since this, empowering new ways to work has become my main passion.


We founded OffiSync because we noticed a massive change in the way companies are approaching collaboration. With the influx of social technologies in the enterprise, there was a disconnect between these new social platforms and the traditional ways people collaborate using documents and email. OffiSync was all about connecting the 2 worlds together -- social collaboration meets Microsoft Office.  To achieve this vision, we knew we would need some serious engineering talent.  We knew surface level integrations and widgets would not get the job done, so we looked for people with deep expertise that could get the job done.  We recruited an extremely talented team of engineers who were all former Unit 8200 developers with the IDF.


Our first product, OffiSync for Word, Excel and Powerpoint allowed multiple people to work on documents simultaneously, a technology called co-authoring. We also had the ability to have real-time conversations attached to documents and participate in those conversations directly from Microsoft Office. This is where our relationship began with Jive. We quickly partnered integrating our offering into the Jive platform. It was a natural move for the two companies. And the initial success of our partnership combined with the incredible opportunity to bring social directly to where people are already working, led to today's acquisition of OffiSync.


Now, we look to the future. We're targeting the number one application where knowledge workers spend their day, Microsoft Outlook. By bringing the Jive experience into Microsoft Outlook, we can use social to change how people work, without having to change where they work. This helps drive adoption of Social Business, which drives participation and engagement across companies.


The decision to join forces with Jive was a very easy one. In the market of Social Business, Jive is the company to beat. They have by far the most advanced and unique Social platform for the enterprise. What we loved about Jive all along were the people - by far the smartest and most capable in the industry. This is a team of people who has taken on a mission to revolutionize the way work gets done. In the end, we want to be a part of this revolution by keeping Jive ahead of the game.


This is an exciting time to be in enterprise software, and I am thrilled to be part of a company that is leading the social business transformation.