Amidst the buzz of social, mobile and cloud, many critical enterprise systems feel like old and ugly stepsisters. What's worse, their feet don't fit the shiny glass slippers that enamor our users. Face it – though critical, our old enterprise systems are not the belle of the ball.


Don’t worry. There’s a new way.


iStock_000014655644XSmall.jpgMost organizations I work with are giving their dowdy, but mission critical, enterprise applications a social life. How? They’re integrating common desktop applications like Notes, Outlook and Office, along with enterprise systems like and SharePoint, with their social business platform. They’re unlocking the information in these systems and using social business technology to get that data it in front of more eyeballs than ever before. The result: measurable gains in productivity and accelerated innovation.


Sure, maybe this sounds too good to be true, so spend a few minutes checking out the companies that have given their intranets a social life with Jive, or watch this Nike webinar about how they have integrated Jive’s social business platform with Documentum to help manage their brand around the world).






What's your take? Which of your systems and applications would benefit most by getting a social life? Vote here and see what other people are saying.