Screen shot 2011-07-04 at 1.32.48 PM.png(Attribution to Duff Goldman from Food Network's Ace of Cakes for using his trademark slogan in our title. Thanks, Duff!)


What does it take to come up with a good idea? Sometimes, all you need is a good night's sleep and time to think. But for companies who live or die based on their ability to innovate, it takes much more, and on a grander scale.


Using Social Business Software, some of our customers have figured out how to scale their innovative efforts beyond traditional R&D teams, knowledge management systems, and customer focus groups.


They've recognized that:


* Innovation can happen anywhere, by anyone, not just in R&D;

* Innovative conversations get stuck in people's Sent Mail folder, lost to the ether after hanging up the phone, or never written down after a meeting; and

* People sometimes don't know what they know until someone asks them the right question (or, to quote one of my KM friends, "It's about the interaction, stupid.")


Companies using Social Business Software are able to cast a wider net for innovative ideas, not only among employees, but also with partners, customers, industry thought leaders, and more.


Take, for example, what Joe Bush from Cerner, a healthcare innovator, says:


A majority of our members, clinicians and IT staffers, simply want a  valuable way to connect, learn, and share with others like them.  The ER  physician in Seattle wants to know how he can decrease wait times for his patients through advanced queuing.  An ER physician in Tampa has done just that.  uCern [powered by Jive] helps establish that relationship as well as provide a community where that process can be shared with the physician in Seattle, as well as with thousands of other physicians in uCern.  uCern is not only Jive SBS technology, it is a highly connected web of  interactions across Cerner, our clients, and the complex healthcare environment, with information and relationships at the core.


How is your organization using Social Business Software to amplify innovation?