Screen shot 2011-07-04 at 1.33.30 PM.pngOne of my former colleagues always said that good collaboration software should be present wherever people's eyeballs already are.


I'd say the same goes for internal corporate communications messages. And I'm not talking about emailing the entire organization.


For many of our customers, Jive has become that place.  Jive communities are often the single place where employees go, not only to get work done or find experts-- some call this employee-to-employee interaction--but also to stay connected to the company, or business-to-employee interaction. And that's because their Internal Communications team knows to put their messages where people are already hanging out.


Heck, Jive has become the entire intranet in some corporations!


One of my favorite examples is how Bupa, a healthcare and insurance services company with more than 52k employees, uses Jive to deliver Bupa World Magazine to their organization, as well as provide collaboration and networking capabilities.


Through their annual employee survey, Bupa found that employees who use Jive are 10% more satisfied and more engaged with the company, than those who don't use it. According to Gallup, more engaged employees lead to better business performance. No wonder Bupa won Corp Comms 2010 award for best use of digital media in internal communciations.


How is your organization making the transition from traditional internal communications practices to embrace Social Business?