It has been amazing to watch business functions evolve as the ‘social’ wave continues to make a splash (check out the The Path to Social Englightenment Infographic). One of the hot trends we’re hearing right now from our customers is a measurable uptick in efficiency and productivity as they apply social business software to their sales force.




The answer is actually quite simple. Sales is a largely a social function. You don’t sell to machines, you sell to people. You also  don’t sell alone – you need a team behind you to win. A fully  productive sales team needs access to the right information, the right  expertise and the right tools - in real time – to give them the edge to win. A social sales strategy needs to be pervasive, meaning it is not limited to a single sales use case. The ability to connect across  boundaries – partners, customers and employees – is absolutely critical  to take full advantage of the new way to business and can have a big impact on both direct and indirect sales channels.




A picture is worth a 1000 words. We created the infographic below called “Any Given Sales Day” to illustrate the difference between the old and new way of selling.  You can download a copy for yourself as part of our Sales Enablement Toolkit.


We'd love to hear more stories.  How are you using Jive for sales enablement? Comment below.


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