iStock_000018159142XSmall.jpgIt may feel some what like a broken record question,

"Why did you choose platform X, or what were the use-cases behind product Y?"


But the truth of the matter is that these questions are the 2nd biggest questions asked in today's social landscape.  Only topped by the predecessor:

How do I justify investing money into something as new as social business?


In a way, answering these questions is a lot like a box of chocolates (and no I didn't say it like that). 


Here are just a few parallels, I've been able to put together these past few moments:

  • Similar factors:  Which brand?  Pre-packaged vs. custom?  Expiration date? 
    • Ok maybe that one is just for us last minute shoppers at the local convenience store.  #rule_of_thumb, if the chocolates say 1990s and dont sport the words vintage, authentic, or preservatives ... best to probably move  along.  =)
  • It's something that you tend to give to others, rather than buy for yourself.
    • This isn't to say that eating a 16-count gourmet box of chocolates by yourself on your first Valentine's Day dance alone because your date decided there were better things to do is a bad thing, but in the end ... I think that's why Haagen Daaz and Ben and Jerry's were established; for these extenuating circumstances (at least this is what I tell myself).
  • It's usually good to read the card that tells what each chocolate is and what to expect. 
    • Sometimes you can get lucky and choose something great, like #smoky_chocolate_bbq_ganache, or something a bit less pleasing, like #coconut_tripe_truffles.


So back to the question(s) at hand,

  • Why did you choose your social business platform? 
  • What made it stand out above the rest?
  • If you had it to do all over again, would you make the same decision? Why?