iStock_000015286640XSmall.jpgIt's inevitable.  With as much emphasis that is drummed up around festivities, cheer, and "low low discount prices", it surpasses comprehension how anyone can make it through life without developing some sort of holiday tradition. 


Perhaps you are a bit more traditional and opt for caroling, volunteerism, and white elephant parties.  Others have adopted newer more extreme traditions, such as Black Friday marathons, polar bear clubbing, and extreme Christmas lighting (long live Mannheim Steamroller!).


In some cases, as documented by Clark Griswald, people will go to extraordinary lengths to honor holiday traditions.  My question:  How did these traditions evolve, and what drives people to keep coming back?


One of the largest barriers to social business is getting people to take the first step and continue taking steps until it becomes habitual, instinctive, or dare I say .. a tradition.  I propose that if we can dissect the most popular holiday traditions, not your 1-off "sky-dive in a chicken costume" tradition, but truely honored traditions, that there will be a common thread that may be relevant to not only help  drop  barriers to social business adoption, but also make social stick.


So what social traditions do you participate in during the holiday season?  Online, offline, even zipline ... we're interested to hear what you do to make your holiday season special!


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