Social business beards.  Really?  Never heard of them?  Well here at Jive, we just wrapped up a pretty epic "Novembeard" contest. Every year, as one of the many ways we keep things fun while we're working hard, a group of us get a clean shave on November 1st, and then grow our beards as fiercely as possible until Dec 1st. It's similar to the Movembeard movement, but our angle is that we're going for full beards during the month -- neck shaving only! We want to get those facial manes nice and scraggly. Then, come December, we have a furry canvas upon which to practice the fine art of shaving.


This year, 41 brave folks entered the fray (which we of course managed on our internal Jive network). Here's some of the beards after 30 days:

IMG_1564.jpgbearded.jpg photo.JPGPhoto+on+2011-11-30+at+12.13.jpg20111130_154754.jpg

sturgeon-beard.jpgbeard-4.jpgBill.jpgphoto (1).jpglumberjack.jpg



And here's some of what happened in the post-shave aftermath - style points!


Did your company get in on the hirsute antics? Who won?




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