Every year around the holidays, children write letters to Santa sending him their Christmas wish lists.  As of late, some children have adopted a more modern approach:

@SantaClaus #xmaswishlist2011 Nintendo 3DS #want, iPod Touch 4th Gen #reallywant #beengood #promise#santaisawesomesauce

Either way, the idea of Santa is established as an icon of joy, happiness, good-will, and getting us what we want.  So what is a "social santa," you may ask?  A "social santa" is the person that introduced and got you to BELIEVE in Social Business. This person can be someone you know personally, through a reference, or even just someone whose blog you've read. It doesn't even have to be a person, a "social santa" can be anything that sparks the "Ah ha!" moment for you.


Personally, my social santa started with my interest in the power of people in mass.  It's amazing how much people working towards a common goal can accomplish.  I mean, just check out these guys:   Any "force" that can motivate this many nerds has got to be substantial.  That is the power of social, and the power social business software can unleash for an enterprise (in my opinion).  This is what keeps me excited, and more importantly … what keeps me believing in social business software.


So give a shout out to those people, things, or events that inspired your social business passion, by answering:

Who is your social santa?


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