One of the biggest advantages of social business is the ability for people to socially orchestrate solutions and execute with agility; saving time and money.  Not unlike its predecessors, social cannot escape the reality that it may not always be the best answer.  Whether in a primary or complimentary capacity, balancing the role social plays in the enterprise is an exercise in managing risk, reward, and cost, just like any other business decision.


Due to its virtually endless applicability in the enterprise, it is often more important to deflect use-cases that will knowingly not succeed (as defined by your organizational values) on social, more so than solicit use-cases where you think social is applicable.  It has been my experience that for every use-case you identify that can benefit from social enhancement, your constituents will find another 4.  As such, educating people on lessons learned and known limitations will help reduce wasted efforts down the road, but also benefit your social adoption.  Which brings me to the question at hand,


Where do you draw the line for social in your business?

Based on your organizational value(s) are there any areas that you consider off limits for social enhancement in your enterprise?  If so, what is the reasoning or context for this decision?


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