Jive Social Media Monitoring Helps Quest Software Increase their Social Reach by 90%


Today, Jive introduced a new member of our social media monitoring app family, called Fathom. It's available for free from the Jive Apps Market, making it easer than ever for all Jive 5 users to listen to the social web. Read more about Fathom at Can you Fathom the future of the social web? To explore the increasingly critical role that social media monitoring plays for our customers, I sat down with Megan Cynaumon, Social Media Coordinator at Quest Software. Over the past year, Quest has had great success using Fathom's full-featured cousin, Fathom Pro, to get closer to their customer base and gain new insights into their market and competitors.

Hi Megan. So tell me a little about Quest and your work there.

We’re an IT systems management company, providing tools for managing databases and other systems. As the Social Media Coordinator here, I’m Quest’s point person on the social web. I monitor social media--including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, and more--for content that's important to the company. This includes comments and complaints from customers, support and sales questions, and information about our competitors and industry. I capture relevant observations and route them to key people in our various business units, such as product marketing and support managers. I analyze trends and sometimes engage in direct dialogue with social media users.


Why did you start using Jive social media monitoring?

We needed more visibility into the social web, and we weren't getting that using native social network tools. We also couldn’t report metrics about social web chatter in any meaningful way. We were missing important feedback about our company, our competitors and our market, and we weren't able to effectively track the impact of our campaigns.


So you have been using Fathom Pro for some time now, could you describe how you have been using it?

Fathom Pro is a big part of my job. It’s my primary social media listening tool. It alerts me to conversations of interest from a wide range of social media sources and allows me to easily share the information with my colleagues. It also helps me analyze social data and identify trends. Specifically, I’ve set up a large number of monitors (more than 500) using various combinations of search terms to track information important to our business units. For example, we monitor hashtags for topics related to our company, our competitors, and industry. And we create our own unique hashtags for Quest events, contests, and campaigns—this is a great way to track the response to and impact of each initiative. I share valuable observations with coworkers by posting them to groups in our Jive-powered internal community. I create monthly reports for each of our business units, summarizing statistics such as mentions of our company versus competitor mentions.


What do you see as the primary benefits?

We're better informed, on a minute-to-minute basis, on what people are saying and thinking about issues vital to our company. And because of that we can engage the public in more effective ways. I often reach out to people directly to clear up misinformation, resolve complaints, and connect them with someone in our company who can help them. That kind of dialogue has helped us build brand loyalty, and to spot potential problems and turn them around quickly. It's also helped me drive users to our public-facing Jive community, by directing them to resources and people who can assist them with their questions and issues.


Can you give an example of a customer issue you were able to resolve?

We had a key influencer—a widely read blogger—who posted that she’d had a bad experience with our phone sales. Fathom Pro alerted me to her post, and we were able to contact her and address the issue within hours. As a result, she quickly followed up with a post saying, “Quest took care of it.” That’s just one example of how Jive has enabled us to deal with issues as they arise, to become a really agile company that clearly listens to and responds to customers’ needs.


How about internally, has there been an effect on users? Any effect to the culture?

It's been great. I want to stress that it's not just me doing social media monitoring. We have a number of people in seven of our business units who also use Fathom Pro. The fact that it's very convenient to use and supports any number of users without extra fees (unlike some of the other products out there) makes it really easy to spread the capability around the organization. And that's really important, because the goal is to become a listening company. Fathom Pro has helped make that a reality at Quest. We've also come up with some creative ways to increase employee involvement with social media. We held a contest to see who could use one of our Twitter hashtags over a short period. We used Fathom Pro to monitor the results and pick the winner. The winner was an employee who managed to tweet 100 times over four hours!


What features of Fathom Pro do you, personally, find especially useful?

I like the breadth of data sources, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs, forums, news services, and even RSS feeds. The search capabilities are great, enabling us to set up a wide variety of highly targeted monitors. We have a broad portfolio of products, initiatives and acquisitions, so we need a lot of monitors to track different kinds of information. Fathom Pro’s sharing and analytic capabilities are also very helpful, letting me quickly pass key information to colleagues in our Jive community, and to generate periodic reports.


Lastly, for anybody starting out in a similar positions as yours, what advice would you have to offer them?

When I began, I was hesitant to respond directly to commenters on the social web. Now I know it’s imperative to respond, and to do so quickly. I try not to let anything slip by me and to respond as quickly as possible. It lets people know we’re here, we’re paying attention, and we care. It’s helped humanize us. In effect, our social media outreach has become the public face of our company. By enabling us to listen better, Fathom Pro is a big part of that.