What's that you say?

I can speak at JiveWorld12?  That's right!  .... You too can follow in the foot steps of people like:

Steven Bamberger Mark Brundage Heather Burks Jorge Camargo Sarah Carter Nick Crawford Kevin Crossman Patrick Darling Kim England Krissy Espindola Claire Flanagan Heather Foeh Karen Gettman Mary Hamilton Rachel Heskin Ted Hopton Jem Janik Brice Jewell Chad Jones Brooks Jordan Kevin Joyce Thomas Kallstenius Laura Kelso Dianne Kibbey Tristan Kime Scott Lawley Trisha Liu Gary Lungarini Tracy Maurer Todd Miller jeanne Eric Nielsen Maria Pinchevsky Robert Reti  Jon-Michael Richardson jen schultz Peter Simonsen John Stepper John Summers Daryll Swager Heather Tortorelli Andy Wang ... and that's just to name a "few"! =)


So how does it work? 

Wire transfers to a stranded Nigerian dignitary, tedious magazine subscription promotions, or a first born child perhaps?  No. (we tried those, they didn't work j/k). 

Instead, all you have to do is visit:  JiveWorld12 - Speakers and let us know what topics you'd like to present.  That's it!

Obligatory fine-print:  All submissions will be reviewed, and speakers will be notified in early May.


Sounds great, but what should I talk about?

For starters, we recommend that you talk about you!  But to kick start your mind, here are some thoughts to consider:

  • How did you come to embrace social business?
  • What was your journey like?
  • What obstacles did you overcome?  How did you overcome them?
  • Last but not least, what role did Jive play in this journey?

JiveWorld is a conference for the customer, by the customer.

Customers want to hear from you.  Your lessons learned, successes, and failures all make great topics!


Topics that are historically in high demand include:

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Also, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to the Jive Community and ask past speakers about their experience(s).  A "few" have been listed above. =)


Hope to see your submissions soon, and look forward to inducting some new members into the JiveWorld Customer Speakers Club.

Note: There isn't a club "per say", but there is a secret handshake!  Am I kidding?  Submit your topic(s), and find out.