113643-vQeg2.pngJivers knows how to celebrate releases, especially ones that are this panda-licous. We're incredibly proud of innovations like !apps, Jive Anywhere, myriad user experience improvements, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that it's now so easy for anyone in the world to Try Jive.


We don't often show how a new release looks from the inside. As a taste of that, I wanted to post three of the "launch videos" that various teams created to celebrate the features they worked on. As a disclaimer, all the videos were made for an internal contest and with the expectation that they'd never be shown publicly... but I had to share some anyway.


!apps Launch


What if you could extend the amazing !apps experience to your whole life?



Jive (is) Anywhere


From Jive's Israel office, the power of bringing social to every web page and application.




Quality Team Launch


Just what does it from our quality team to bring a Jive release to market...?