With Facebook's IPO today, there have been a lot of conversations not just social media but also Social Business.  While nobody has a crystal ball that can predict the future, it is possible to make some intelligent predictions about where the industry is going.  To get this insight, I sat down with Christopher Morace, Chief Strategy Officer at Jive.



Q: What's next for the Social Business industry?

Chris: There are so many things coming together at one time: cloud, social, mobile, big data analytics, real-time communication, and user-driven integration. Each of these alone is just a technology, but when they work in concert to help us thrive in a lightning-quick, information-rich world it is truly transformational. We're on the threshold of this transformation, entering an era of smarter, more efficient Social Business systems integrated into the larger enterprise infrastructure and pervasive across the business ecosystem. Such systems will present a simpler face to users while managing ever-larger quantities of data on the back end.


One caveat: It's essential to distinguish between these new-generation intelligent solutions and lightweight tools that simply aggregate noise and complicate users' lives. The litmus test is going to be constantly assessing business value. If you can't find hundreds of other companies using the same solution and demonstrating solid results then you should proceed with caution. Beware of false social offerings.


What do you predict will be the future of the Social Business industry? Comment below.