Screen+Shot+2012-05-18+at+6.27.22+AM.pngEver suffer from an uncontrollable urge to share your latest socbiz success story, or an insatiable need to learn the latest tips & tricks on the Jive platform?  Perhaps playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock with the same people just isn't fun any more?  If so, we recommend attending a Jive user group.  Much like most medicines, the The specified item was not found. works best when experienced as part of a regiman.  

Last month, we launched an all-out blitz of user group kick-offs; stopping in 9 cities across the globe to help our customers and prospects find link-minded individuals in their region.   Before we get too far along, we'd like to take a moment and say thank you to the customer volunteers who helped make these events possible.


Note:  We also have user groups in The specified item was not found. (forming) and The specified item was not found. if you are interested in joining.

What's Next - July 2012 User Group Blitz

Due to the positive feedback from this kick-off, we are promoting a blitz of Jive user groups during the month of July.  Our goal is to align meeting frequency such that the subsequent meeting can take place during the largest of all Jive user groups, JiveWorld!  So if you are interested in launching a user group in the coming month, visit your Jive Community user group (see above) and start organizing your meetup.  Make sure to reach out to Ryan Rutan for help promoting and advertising the user group in the Jive Community and via Jive's public social channels.


But wait, there's more!

Meet with your user group by the end of July and ALL attending members will receive a discounted rate for JiveWorld12! See below for details.


JiveWorld12 Discount Rate Qualifications:

  • User group must meet by end of July 2012
  • Minimum 20 user group attendees, includes at least 1 Jive employee
  • Meeting Minutes should be posted back to the corresponding Jive Community user group.
  • Discounted rate expires July 31, 2012
  • Note:  Discount details and registration code will be issued the day of the user group meeting

For more further details/clarification, please see the The specified item was not found.  and/or contact Ryan Rutan.