lp_logo-1.pngMany of you are likely familiar with our Jive customer case studies, which provide an inside story on why the customer looked for a social solution, their search for the right solution, why they chose Jive and what they have achieved since launching their Jive-powered community. As we roll out our case studies, we are introducing a new series in Jive Talks to add a name and face to the company story.  With each case study, we plan to post a Q&A with a community leader or executive of the company profiled.  Below is the first in this series - Q&A with LivePerson, a leading provider of customer engagement solutions and manager of an award winning social intranet.  Enjoy!


Please introduce yourself.  Tell me a bit about you and your role at LivePerson.
I'm Myke Mansberger, the Community Manager for LivePerson's employee community.  We currently have about 600 employees, all of which are members of our internal Jive instance called LivePerson Nation.  I've been with the company almost 4 years and in that amount of time I've seen us grow and expand in so many ways.  At LivePerson, we focus our efforts on the mission of creating meaningful connections.  This mission really touches everything we do and affects how we approach everyone -  employees, customers, and local communities.  The platform and products we provide to our customers allow them to use technology to engage with and create personalized experiences for their own customers.  It seemed like a natural evolution when we adopted Jive to become a part of how we connect with other employees and our customers.

What's your favorite social business success story at LivePerson? Ie. What's been your proudest moment on your social business journey?

An exciting moment in the evolution of our internal communication strategy was when we decided to reroute traditional email distribution lists to places in Jive.  This change transformed many employees who were traditionally watchers and readers into authors and contributors.  This change also helped promote the non-traditional concept of allowing users to decide on which employee and corporate communications they want sent directly to their email inbox.

One of my favorite parts about being our employee community manager is observing people's reactions during new-hire orientations.  I love seeing new employees' eyes light up when we give them their first look at our next-gen intranet and community.  Most people have never had access to anything as robust as this platform in the past and I can always see the wheels spinning in their minds as they begin to contemplate all of the possibilities and opportunities ahead.

What advice do you have for people just starting off? Or What's the biggest lesson you've learned?

I think it's important to be a realistic about your expectations of the Jive platform.  At the end of the day, Jive is a tool - an amazing tool - but a tool nonetheless.  A tool is only as powerful as the person or people wielding it.  This means that in order to make the most of the Jive platform, you will need to have strong advocates from the start.  In addition, it's important to align your leaders, execs, and influencers with the overall goals of the platform.  Collaboration, innovation, and strong communication must be a priority company-wide if you want a successful launch and continued participation in the community.


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