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Disorder.  Chaos.  Pandemonium.  On the surface, these words resonate better with a battle royal than the corporate world.  Yet, with a closer look we find more in common than expected. Consider the following scenarios and evaluate against your company:

  • Disorder :  Pervasive information and personnel silos throughout the enterprise?
  • Chaos :  Miscommunication, challenges with project messaging and staying in-sync with employees and colleagues?
  • Pandemonium : Trouble chasing down problems, finding quality solutions and building reliable customer relationships?

If any of these ring true, chances are you're not the only one who notices!


What if work could be different?  What if disorder gave way to collaboration?  What if chaos transformed into efficiency? What if from the ashes of pandemonium, arose elegance and innovation?   What if your legacy could make all the difference?


Your legacy won't be measured by the words in a performance evaluation or the size of your office.


It will be measured by how you changed a culture and the lives you touched.  By the risks you were willing to take and the foresight of your ideas.  By how you made people more productive by making them care more and work smarter.  By how you broke down the barriers that were created by titles, levels and cubicle walls.  By how you opened the direction of your business to everyone.


Your legacy will be judged on what you leave behind.  So that even when you're gone, they'll still talk about the day you gave them Jive!


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