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Heather Foeh is the Director of Customer Culture at Eloqua (which she thinks is the most awesome job she's ever had). She's responsible for nurturing and communicating with Eloqua's amazing advocates, as well as managing Eloqua's popular online community, Topliners. When she's not creating delightful customer experiences and loyal advocates, Heather can usually be found with knitting needles in her hands.


We had the opportunity to get Heather's thoughts on social business.


What's the #1 piece of advice you have to those new to Social Business?

It's worth it to spend time knowing your audience and planning what they need and want before you build your community. A two-day workshop, closed in a room, will pay dividends in the future.


What will you be discussing at JiveWorld12?

I'm looking forward to sharing how we measure the engagement of our customer community and tie it to customer retention and what we're doing to positively affect both.


In one word, what's your favorite thing about Jive?



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