In our upcoming webcast, hear directly from HP executives how they are innovating with social business software. With the growing adoption of social media and customers "owning" brands, many marketers recognize the importance of being a welcome participant in the conversation. However, gaining status as a thought leader requires marketers to trade opportunities for commercializing their brands in more traditional ways (e.g. mass marketing channels) for opportunities to have fewer, more targeted conversations.  Now marketers are challenged to develop ways to scale these targeted conversations to drive real brand value.


Join us for a discussion with HP's May Petry (VP of Viral Marketing) and John Knightly (VP of Industries and Solutions), and Jive's Elizabeth Brigham (Product Marketing Manager) on how HP is innovating with social collaboration tools to create a thought leadership platform that enables employees, customers, and evangelists to share expertise and discuss the future of enterprise.


Wednesday, November 28 at 11am PT for a webcast on how HP is using social business technology to create a thought leadership platform.


In this webcast, Jive and HP will cover:

  • How social business tools enable valuable discussions
  • How HP used social tools to develop and retain their position as thought leaders
  • Best practices for integrating social into your business initiatives

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