iStock_000020861725XSmall.jpgSince we have survived the end of the Mayan calendar and are heading into the New Year, I decided to take a look back at the Jive Talks blog in 2012.  Below is the list of the top 10 posts that generated the largest traffic. Special thanks to all of the contributors for making this an awesome year!


10. Make a Splash with Your Rollout Strategy - Carrie Gilbert

During her 5 years with Jive Professional Services, Carrie has helped dozens of customers through the implementation of their communities. She shares great best practices for rollouts.


9. It's Time to Define the Social Business Relationship - Deirdre Walsh

Jive's Social Manager shares her 7 Pillars of Social Marketing Success.


8. What Microsoft's Acquisition of Yammer Means for #SocBiz - John Rizzo

Jive's CMO shared what this news meant for the industry, users, and Jive.


7. Building Buy-In As Social Business Matures - Rachel Happe

The Community Roundtable shared the "Community Maturity Model," which helps frame how the management approach needs to change as a social business matures.


6. Key Factors to Social Business Success - Christopher Morace

Jive's Chief Strategy Officer shared his thoughts on how to win with social business.


5. Do Social Technologies Cause Less Email? - Deirdre Walsh

This blog posts sparked one of the biggest debates in the Jive Community in 2012.


4. 6 Obstacles of an Internal Community Manager - Melissa Barker

As an Internal Community Manager, it is critical that you listen, understand, acknowledge, and readily address the concerns of your community members. Combat the most common excuses.


3. 7 Steps to Empowering Your Natural Advocates - Melissa Barker

Natural thought leaders are perhaps the most powerful force shaping opinion within any community. Learn how to empower them.

2. 3 Tips in Creating Social Structure in Your Business - Tara Panu

Don't underestimate the power of of policies, education and training!


1. 10 Jobs in 1: The Life of an Internal Community Manager - Deirdre Walsh

FTW! Keep an eye out in 2013 for a follow-up post focusing on other key social business roles.


Happy New Year, thanks for reading and let us know if we missed one of your favorite posts.


PS. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to one of the Jive community blogs, please contact our community manager Ryan Rutan.