We would like to congratulate Riverbed who recently launched their new sales, marketing and customer service community, Splash.  They previously used Lithium for years, and this past year they made the decision to move to Jive.


Bob GilbertRiverbed.jpg Chief Evangelist and Senior Director of Marketing at Riverbed, explains, “The primary goal of our Splash community is to provide a place where our customers can get help or learn best practices about how to install, configure, manage or simply get the most out of their Riverbed product deployment.  Selecting a best of breed community platform that meets our needs is a critical component in the success of an online community.  The recent launch of our Splash community powered by Jive is a big upgrade compared to the community platform we had in place before.   The powerful combination of traditional discussion forums combined with integrated content management and robust social capabilities made the decision to move from Lithium to Jive an easy one.”


You can experience their community first hand and make sure you check out Bob Gilbert's welcome video for Splash.


We'd also like to recognize Sarah Dopp who is the Community Project Manager for Riverbed Splash. She's been building websites and online communities since 1997, and has previously managed community projects for Wikia, SuperBetter, Cisco, and many other niche organizations across the Internet.  Keep up the great work Sarah!