Congratulations!  If you are reading this blog post then you have survived the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, yet another new year's celebration, and the mountain of out-of-office notifications piled up in your inbox over the holidays.  Let's face it.  You finding time to read this blog post is not coincidental.  It's intentional.  The modern enterprise is not a place for the faint of heart.  Expectations constantly increase, while budgets decrease.  Time is always in short supply, and someone always forgets to refill the coffee pot!  Pulling up your bootstraps to get work done is the norm, and we are all searching for ways to get ahead of the game.  In my 12+ years of IT experience, I've come to learn many systems, technologies, and operational paradigms, and I am here to say that Jive social business apps are THE massive step-function in productivity we've all been waiting for, and only IT can unleash its full potential!


What to expect from this blog series?

  • Goal: Demonstrate how IT built social business apps can add unparalleled efficiencies back into the enterprise!
  • Audience: IT professionals and social business practitioners.
  • Cadence: One blog post every 2-3 weeks, with follow-up discussion in the The specified item was not found., Developer, or Information Technology communities, respectively.
  • Topics: We want to make this blog series interactive to allow our reader's insights and feedback to tailor the content and direction. Current topics include:
    • Bootstrapping Process & Social Workflows without Social Business Apps
    • Modern IT Landscapes and Social Business Apps
    • Upgrading Social Workflows with Social Business Apps
    • Improved Agility & Efficiency with Social Business App Integrations
    • Growing Your Enterprise Service Graph & Social Business App Portfolio

I'm looking forward to kick-starting this series in the coming weeks and the subsequent conversations!

Join me to help make 2013 the Year of the IT Social Business App!


Are you interested to learn more about Jive social business apps?  Perhaps there are topics you'd like to see discussed in this series?  Share your comments on this post (below), and I'll try to incorporate your suggestions in future posts.  Looking forward to our first post, and please ...