There have been a lot of predictions about the future of social in 2013. And who better to hear from than the Jive Champions? iStock_000020861725XSmall.jpgSo, I posed a question in the Jive Champions Group to get their opinions on the trends to expect in 2013. Here is what they said:


Mike Calderon, President, Social Business Strategy Consultant, Greenfield Interactive

Based on my impressions of JiveWorld12, the community tracks were heavily populated and I'd bet there will be stronger calls for adoption strategies, use cases and metrics. I think getting up and running is a major process but the next stages of growing your community and understanding whether or not business value is being created is the next toughest challenge to overcome.

Vu Doan, Group Manager, Community & Post Sales, National Instruments

As more industries (financial, legal, medical, etc) are getting serious about social, and as social business becomes embedded into more departments similar to Jeremiah Owyang's hub and spoke model, hard numbers from social analytics will become crucial.  We can no longer divert the issue of ROI or 'return on engagement'.  More importantly we will be using these analytics to determine our most influential users, highlight social intelligence, and understand our competition that much more - all of which until now have been to some extent serendipitously discovered.   I also hope to see more concrete correlations between social data and the effects of gamification so we can better understand user motivation to drive long-term engagement.

Amanda Shenon, Director, Collaborative Product Operations, Pegasystems

I have a hard time coming up with just one trend.   I think context, execution, and metrics will all be tremendously important.  I'm very happy to see Jive working in all of these areas. The more social grows, the more important it is to have context for conversation and work and to distinguish chatter from decisions and "official", final content.  I think execution will be incredibly important as we get a bit saturated with social and gamification across every application from all different vendors.  Somehow that has to all come together in a clean, cohesive, and useful way that doesn't make us crazy, annoyed, or disinterested.  Think of the difference between web searches in the 90's and now.  Social has to make the same evolution from "here's a ton of stuff that may be relevant" to "here is the most relevant and useful stuff in the context of what you are doing/looking for".  Lastly, metrics are always important.  I think the slack is running out for using anecdotes and manually pulled together data on how processes have sped up.  We're all going to be pressed to show data that represents the value of working in an open, social, and non-siloed environment.



Now that you have heard from our Champions, check out the prediction from our CEO Tony Zingale here.


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